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Is now a good time to get your Texas real estate license? You decide. According to a report, in the year ending July 1, the state of Texas added more people than any other state.

And in the previous 12-month period, Texas was the third state in the nation with the fastest growth rate (1.97%). In fact, the state added over 3.9 million residents throughout the 2000's.

Staggering unemployment rates, among other factors, are posing challenges in some states that once boasted numerous and prosperous metro areas. However, some states have a more positive tale to share - like Texas.

For example, according to the report, the state of Texas did not experience the boom-and-bust housing cycle that ravaged other states. Overall, Texas home prices stayed affordable. Plus, according to a November 2009 BLS Unemployment by State report, Texas is at eight percent. This is currently two percentage points below the national average.

With a population that is growing steady and an economy that is more stable than other states, no wonder Texas is attracting new residents. So here is the question - who will help all of these new Texans locate new homes? Why not you?

Consider getting your real estate license and take a Texas real estate course. Whether you are interested in transitioning into the real estate industry from your current job, or are simply seeking a career path, a career in Texas real estate has much to offer.

The career potential of a Texas real estate license includes some major perks. For example, you can experience greater schedule flexibility and the freedom of working out in the field. Plus, you are your own boss and your earning potential is up to you - never be limited by an income cap again. Lastly, is the reward of helping an individual experience one of the most significant events of their life - homeownership.

Benefit from Texas population growth and the state's stable economy. Choose an online real estate school, satisfy pre-licensing requirements on your schedule and launch an exciting career you can be proud to call your own.


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