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With the uncertainty of today's real estate market, you need to way to stand out in your Texas real estate career. Building a brand provides people with an easy way to remember you - something to associate with your name. It also serves to build trust with your clients and the community - and can benefit you even in a stable economy.

Many successful Texas real estate agents are realizing the importance of creating a brand or image as a way to gain recognition within their local community. One of the most effective ways to do this is to create an identity that serves as a distinction from the competitors in the area. How do you want to be known?

- Have you sold a large number of homes in one area?
- Do you know the neighborhoods inside and out?
- Are you customer service-oriented
- Are you available day and night?

Think about what separates you from other Texas real estate salespeople and build your brand around this concept. Once you decide on a brand, you'll want to get it in front of people and start building recognition. Here are some easy, cost-effective ways to brand your Texas real estate career (Remember, the idea is to create a presence in your community):

Logo - You should create an image to go with your brand. It can be anything as simple as using your photo to designing a memorable picture. This logo should be used everywhere that you market yourself - letters, emails, fliers, etc.

Tagline - Maybe you'll become Mr. (Insert City Name Here) or (Insert Your Name Here), Your One-Stop Real Estate Source. Whatever you decide, make sure it's catchy and goes with your brand. You should always include your tagline in conjunction with your logo.

Blog - Creating brand awareness, also means putting yourself in front of people. You should create a weekly blog and offer insight, news and tips - anything your clients would find helpful. Add keywords and other SEO techniques to garner traffic to your blog. Increased readership means increased awareness!

Correspondence - Don't send out your letters or official documents on any old type of paper. Use personalized stationary - with your logo and tagline included - when you create any kind of correspondence.

Articles - You are a Texas real estate expert - put your knowledge to good use and create articles for local newspapers or write newsworthy articles. This is an ideal way to offer useful information, while putting your name in front of the public.

Visit Clients - Pay your previous clients a visit or send prospective clients a holiday-themed gift. A magnetic calendar with your contact information or a coffee mug with your logo and tagline are great ways to perform a thoughtful gesture and get your name out there.

Follow Up - This is vital to gaining repeat business and positive word-of-mouth. What better way than to be known as providing superior customer service that by doing it on a regular basis? Making sure your clients are happy can pay off tenfold if they use your Texas real estate services again or refer business your way.

Creating brand awareness does not have to be expensive. There are simple and effective steps you can take to keep your Texas real estate career active - and stand out from the competition. In any type of market, you should be proactive and separate yourself from other Texas real estate agents. You worked hard to get your Texas real estate license - a clever logo or tagline can build recognition and your career!

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